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“ Our Mission is to help both individuals and organizations achieve their Goals ”

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Who are we?

Tracewealth Ltd is a Company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations. Tracewealth's goal is to help both individuals and organizations achieve their personal, career and business goals faster, conveniently and easier than ever before. We train, coach and mentor our clients on various areas including LEADERSHIP, GOALS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING, SALES, NETWORKING, COMMUNICATION and much more but without forgetting motivational talks, and seminars which inspire our clients to do more in a great way and eventually bring about immediate changes and long-term results. We aim at putting our clients in a position to perform better at an individual level and eventually impact any business in which they are engaged in either as owners or coowners or even as employees. Our experts are well equiped with both professional and long term experiences which they have acquired through studying researching and working in various fields for many years.


What We Do

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Personal Development

As a client you will have an access to enjoy the available coaching programs that you can either receive in material form (motivational articles, books and videos) or through seminars and workshops organized by the Tracewealth Company.

Business Consultancy

If you are an entrepreneur, you own a business or you are manager in a large business and you want to enlarge impacts in your company or organization, Tracewealth Ltd. can work with you to help you achieve your goals faster.

Financial Support Program

We offer our client a financial hand to work on their dream projects and business ideas. Every active client is guaranteed to be supported. The program helps young entrepreneurs to start their dream business. Over thousand businesses are fully financed every year. Financial support program includes capital start up, business planning and many more.


As you pursue your career goals, you need to get connected to people of various backgrounds, professions and occupations. Tracewealth ltd offers you an opportunity to connect with successful individuals through learning tours, achievers vacations and mentorship programs. The people in your network can be referees in the course your studies or clients for your future startups.

Promotions & Incentives

We put our clients at the centre of achievements. We motivate our clients to enjoy our services while making money by simply sharing our services to their friends. The friends’ subscriptions to our services earn our clients various incentives ranging from one level to another. For more details, contact us at support@tracewealth.co.tz